Magnet Lifting BV

Experience the invisible force of Magnet Lifting BV

                                                                Scope of Supply

  Magnet solutions for all lifting applications, from 1 up to 100.000 kg

  - Plates

  - Coils

  - Bars

  - Slabs, billets, blooms (up to 600°C)

  - Beams, profiles, squares, sections, pipes

  - Bundles of bars, rebar, profiles, pipes

  - Scrap

  See our Photo-gallery for examples.


  Complete programme, We deliver everything below the crane hook(s):

  - Magnets:

             a) Permanent, Electro Permanent, Electro

             b) fixed, with rotation, on movable trolleys

             c) electro, battery operated, generator, pneumatic

  - Beam – fixed, telescope, passive telescope, rotation device

  - Controller

             a) group selection, load test, tipping, tipping per group, 3-5-10 steps or stepless magnet force selection, return to partial load

             b) many monitoring safety functions

  - Battery Back-Up

  - Cable reeling drum

  - Remote control

  - Small parts, e.g. chains, weld-on hooks, trapezium devices

  - Installation, commissioning & service


  Worldwide experience and delivery.

  Specialised in custom engineering with use of an extensive library, in order to offer the best suitable magnet system for a competitive price.